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TEEware is a technology and research startup founded by members of the KAIST Graduate School of Information Security, with backgrounds in system security research. TEEware is based on state-of-the-art TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technology and endeavors to develop the world’s best security solutions. We use TEE to protect your valuable IT assets from newly emerging cyber threats in Blockchain, Fintech, IoT and Automated Driving. Our goal is to build a safe, reliable IT environment.


TEEvault: Blockchain Key Management Solution

TEEvault is a key management solution for securely storing and managing cryptocurrency keys in an enterprise environment. The entire process of generation, back up, and usage of cryptocurrency private keys is completed inside a protected Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), keeping the keys safe from exposure to hacking or physical attack. It also harnesses threshold cryptography to mathematically split a key into multiple shares and store each share in different systems. Thus, the risk of loss or theft is greatly reduced and disaster recovery assured.


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TEEware shares your concerns about security. We will continue to research and provide innovative solutions for your security needs. We will be your partner.