TEEware participated in KDB (KDB) Nextround IR Round

TEEware participated in KDB’s Nextround IR Round on November 12. KDB NextRound is Korea’s representative market-type venture investment platform, which provides investment opportunities to venture companies […]

Releases Chungcheong Division start-up businesses Demo Day

on the 19th War Creative Economy Innovation Center TEEware About seven companies this warehouse, etc. The Credit Guarantee Fund Chungcheong Sales Division announced on November 11 […]

KAIST Research Sector Integrated Event 2019 KAIST TECH WEE

For three days from November 5, 2019 TECH WEEK was held at KAIST to promote exchanges of entrepreneurship, technology transfer and research achievements. The role of […]

The era of signing electronic contracts with simple authentication is coming

[FIDO Hackathon Winners Relay Interview] ‘CrossCert-TEEware’ Digital signatures, in terms of convenience, naturally overwhelm handwritten signatures. As it is based on electronic files instead of paper […]

Briefing session for transfer of 4 major technology centers

The 4th Institute of Science and Technology Transfer Conference on Materials, Parts, and Equipment will be held at KAIST Academic Cultural Center on the 5th. In […]

Daejeon Innovation Center’s nursery startup stands out

The reaction to our startup was hot at ‘MWC 4YFN LA 2019’. ‘Directive (CEO Jung Ji-won, Lee Yun-jung), a team belonging to the early start-up package […]

2019 hashnet blockchain conference cryptocurrency wallet and security company

Hashnet, a blockchain and cryptocurrency information portal operator, will host the ‘2019 Hashnet Blockchain Conference’ at the Grand Ballroom on the 6th floor of the Sheraton […]

FIDO Alliance Hosts ‘2019 FIDO Seoul Seminar’

Reveals Final Results of FIDO Hackathon… Sharing domestic and international FIDO use cases and FIDO developer workshop The FIDO Alliance announced that the FIDO Seoul Seminar […]

CrossCert & TEEware Receives FIDO Hackathon Top 3 Award

Global Certification Authority CrossCert (CEO Shin Hong-sik) was held on September 23 at the Hilton Hotel in Seoul. At the FIDO Hackathon Awards, TEEware, mentored by […]